Dis 23, 2014

Annotation 2: Solacito’s “Pader”

Some of the aforementioned ephemera [1] find resonance in the single-word title. “Pader” refers to the Facebook Wall, the virtual, primary setting of the story, the very shape and motive of its narrative [2]. The Wall accepts the participation of expected (“friended”) and interested parties, some of whom are more voluble than Bianca herself, the owner of the profile. However, none can claim even half as much writing-on-the-wall as Karla, Bianca’s pursuer.

Let us allow for the idiomatic and entertain the following possibilities: talking to a wall, that is, Bianca’s general unresponsiveness; hit a wall being ultimately the death of Karla [3]; and walls have ears pertain to others, Bianca’s friends or acquaintances from various circles, whose presence allow for the relationship to become more of a spectacle.

[1] Annotation 1.
[2] Solacito, Riena Marie L. “Pader.” In Ang Pagtatapos. Unpublished thesis. March 2012: 33-45.
[3] “Hit a/the wall” and “Bumangga sa pader” should be treated as two different idiomatic expressions. The former could include relatively minor and usually temporary blocks to a mental of physical activity. The latter posits the presence of an insurmountable character, a figure of power. For Karla, a fitting description of Bianca.