Hul 8, 2015


—glad that it works as both, and that if you want to take it as a love poem, you can take it as wholly that and so you have something and you are excused; you may go

—It's a bare no-nonsense-no-roses kind of declaration, maybe appeal. If you want a metapoem out of it, that's there too, for the taking (to keep you from going).

Detain is curious. A prison detains you, or the airport if a suspect or if missing papers (liminally, neither "in the country" nor out of it), other like (and yes negative, undesirable) situations. But at the same time it is the nature of desire, which becomes truly problematic when desiring a person. You want her/him in your keeping, unavailable to others, all faculties trained on you, your intents.

—control shifts

—The beloved is never detained, for one thing. And since the lover exists only within that span of such a tentative attention, she/he goes/departs/dissolves the moment the beloved goes.

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