Ene 16, 2017

Joy of the mountain

Spread out three buckets of oregano cuttings. Cut two from the San Francisco then planted these where I used to burn leaves under the guise of boiling water. Two ashitaba sprouts placed where the blue flowers had withered. One papaya’s nearing knee-height as its eldee approaches the hip. The atis stands. The black pepper and the parent ashitaba continue to climb, about a yard and a half from each other.

A good time to weed. The mulch spots could be improved, packed, covered with peelings, manila paper, grass cuttings, then fronds (the new one in front would benefit from more raking). Calamansi and kamuning seedlings might then be placed over one of the mulches, freeing up the first plot for loosening and fertilization.

Should put the girls’ stones and shells back where they belong.

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