Hun 12, 2017

Way Past

600 million people in Southeast Asia
Alone. Sitting on the reference of having had enough

Independence, heroes recalled by the truckload,
Rope nets draped over scalps and collar bones,

Among the many siestas bought and sold,
Our bread and the uniform

Toddlers rolling their way. Home in whose
Thought: such a crisis sunk right between

Pop songs. Liable to flag under the age of 65.
Evac margins signal how you get to push, like

Are these recreational,
Kicking doors in as warranted

By the hardware desiring
comparative readings of hinge strength. Imports

Too brittle for a standard screw. A list of premature
Caskets attributed to the non-communicable

Unfolds, comes in through the back,
Up the misted windows also why,

If you can’t help it. One in every thirteen
Retrieved from the bikes before the age of 60.

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