Ene 22, 2002

I'm looking forward to another meeting

Maybe another night at Mang Jimmy's. Yeah man! This time, with Sandiganistas. I'm not so sure if it will push through though. I've been dumped with a host of problems again. Well! Whatever doesn't kill me...

...sure's not making me feel too much alive.

Haven't even read these new books Monica bought. Voltaire's Candide and Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. I've been tinkering with Dreamweaver Utradev 4, MS Photoeditor, and good old MS Paint. I'm doing some doodles and graphics, having some fun with bitmaps and jpegs. I'm constructing this little homesite, that is, oddly enough, just a support for this blog! Maybe,. if I have some time, I'll merge the two. But they say there's a problem with Geocities' FTP serving for blogs.

I don't know, really. For now, it's all just a reflection of my fragmented self. Fragmented self. That's just a fashionable way of saying scatter-brain. (",)

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