Peb 20, 2002


I had a splendid time! The UPSandigan's self-appointed Goons made sure of that. The Big Guy and his gracious lady were marvelous company. There was no end to talk, big and small, and we would not have it end anyway. Best of luck to him and his friend from way back in Manila Science when they raided the electronics surplus shop. Bring home the 64-megabyte bacon!

Jerico and Eugene, completed the foursome. We missed vital parts of the gang like techies (nay, techgods!) Ivan and Monds and the un-pro-gamer (but very close) JP.

Jerico and Eugene are definitely not codenames. With yours truly, Dennis, we are undoubtedly anime. And maybe, in each of our own fields and ways, we have not ceased fighting ghosts.

Sanyata was almost always there through mobile phone technology. I really have to go to Baguio without her huh? I am looking forward to our Thursday meeting. Baguio will push through though I have no clear idea about the company. It won't matter much though.

The point is to be alone.

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