May 1, 2012

The Burton Creative Process

STEP 1: Go to bed. Lock the door behind you, and leave the lights on. Lie on your back.

STEP 2: Look up at the ceiling, stare at that custom poster of Depp, head made naked of hair, even of facial hair, not one Depp eyebrow in sight. The background's black, by the way, but so is the rest of the ceiling, the walls and floor in sinister shades of cotton candy.

STEP 3: If a dream comes, proceed to the next step. If a dream does not come, repeat STEP 1.

STEP 4: Storyboard the dream.

STEP 5: Call Warner, Mandalay, call 20th Century, etc. See who puts up a fight.

(IMPT! Do not linger as he practices his lines; allow the stylists to do his hair in peace. Rather, retreat always and again to STEP 1.)