Dis 14, 2012

Twelve Days Senior

Family day at the gym, onstage, middle of the night. 

What the suicide would've said had she known I reviewed her grades. 

For whose sake did they cut the strings of the red puppeteer. 

I smell her diapers from here. 

In a dream of Banquos, Macbeth squeezes a collarbone to wake me up. 

The picture that never gets thanked for smiling back.

Only one recommendation to go before the library opens a door for her.

Of the seven things that we are, more than three are our mothers. 

Who has yet to study for her exams. 

Only the little storms leave flowers on my stomach.

Whom the gods would destroy, they first flatter.

If we're talking happiness, I would've brought their bikes along.

2 komento:

Susan Scheid ayon kay ...

Remarkable poem. I wouldn't have had the foggiest how to read it but for ModPo. Now, I can just wend my way through the parataxis with delight. This may have been my favorite: "Of the seven things that we are, more than three are our mothers." I love that "more than," leaving the exact number open.

Dennis Aguinaldo ayon kay ...

Parataxis, yes! It was nothing short of thrilling to confirm that we can push juxtaposition that far.