Hun 26, 2013

Write minimally: one line or sentence per day

From a thread spun for ModPo from Bernadette Mayer's List of Journal Ideas: Would you like to "condense" your day into a line? It's just a handful of days left after all... My day's sentence is hanging wet laundry mindful of what feathers may remain of a turkey some dog left in our yard to die. That doesn't look too minimal. Give it a spin? How was your day?

It's a migraine day of driving my family to and fro to the in-laws and back, back in time to watch a vid discussion talking a bit about a book on traffic, and another one about "shorter memory" and manatees, when what I was really looking forward to was Bergvall's spin on Dante because I'd like to know if the crew would be covering Bergvall's 700 years note in relation to Dante's intense attachment to (celestial) timing.

A daughter trying to slide down her mother's thigh while the mother's watching "On John Cage's Writing through Howl".

that mighty thick book you showed in the vid dicussion, must get my hands on that one

Taking the family out for breakfast, giving the crew plus points in their Survey Form specifically in Maintenance and Cleanliness, because the kids have been disarranging chairs and were having such fun with it, running up against no one.

"mutual taming" is beautiful, both as idea and image

The sky over the park was heavy, but it was popcorn and ice cream and a clean getaway awaiting the family.

Translated a mother's poem for mother's day after watching phonics songs and squishy ice cream cones with the daughters.

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