Ago 28, 2013

magtago ka na” (You had better hide)

CAMP —An official of the—force killed his wife
who was also a former—before taking his own life

just resigned from her job at—Public Relations
described the couple as between 35 to 40 years

phone interview Thursday—said the couple’s next-
(village)—heard the couple fighting

11 p.m. on Wednesday—scream “magtago ka na
before the wife reportedly ran out of

lying outside near the stairs—slumped near their door
and found their 11-year-old daughter

other neighbors rushed the couple to the hospital
was dead on arrival—died while under-

going treatment—withheld the identity of the daughter
told the—saw her father stab her mother before killing

himself—suffered two stab wounds in the body while
died of stab wounds in his chest and heart

11-inch kitchen knife believed to be the murder
statement of the daughter—who witnessed

suffice although we would still submit further
was a ‘crime of passion’”—said—believed

refused to disclose details to protect the daughter
based on the accounts of their relatives to the police

daughter is now with her grandparents
used to write articles and official announcements

take a job at the—Today—Thursday
supposed to be her last day at the university

other hand—completing his doctorate
was not confirmed if—took the course also in

not yet issued an official—a text message
was a sad news for them.

    UPLB security officer stabs wife to death then kills self

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