Set 17, 2013

be confused with Serine, Sarrin,

colorless, odorless liquid, [4] used as
been classified as a weapon
is classified as a Schedule
following within one minute after
but do not receive immediate

damage. Contents [hide] 1 Production and
links Production and structure [edit
attached to the tetrahedral phosphorus
bond is easily broken by
agents, such as water and

racemic mixture—an equal mixture
the reaction to neutralize the
in situ by this same
endings in muscles from switching
involved in breathing function. Specifically

to relax. A build-up of
fibre, so that any nerve
is the leaving group, and
is robust and biologically inactive [10][11
life [edit source | edit beta]

owing mostly to impure precursors. [14
benefit of solving the stability
and increasing the safety of
munitions Effects and treatment [edit
turn into a gas) relative

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