Set 13, 2013

Office of the President

write with feelings of utmost disappointment,
desperateness, and extreme fear for; 1.0 PURPOSE 1.2
To enhance transparency and accountability in the release
to search in my mind if I ever came across her; upon us

by several unscrupulous individuals,
in cohorts with some "corrupt"
2.1.2 Funds shall be released directly to

the implementing agencies enumerated; hope

I am not turning senile but I don’t recall any incident
on a hospital arrest under the watchful eyes of not less;
In case of the House of Representatives, the Speaker and
Did I ever meet her? I can’t even say I ever said

exchange for the dropping of said false charges and bad media
for realignment shall be supported by the following:
4.3.1 Written request; came to the Palace,
I was trying to look at her

given to the youngest sister who will be left behind
in; reports in line with the Organizational Performance
Indicator Framework (OPIF). 5.2; be very honest with you,

comparing her to pictures of her
stature, it is clearly absurd for us to commit the crime

The implementing agencies shall be accountable for
the implementation; while: Is this really
the person that we were looking for?
the main reason for our success is because of the trust

All issuances that are inconsistent with this Circular; tried
to search in my mind if I ever came across; your parents strongly
opposed and fought against. We, therefore, respectfully request

Cases not covered by the provisions of this
her. When I saw her when she came to the Palace,

the protection of our family. Thank you very much and

God; for appropriate action. 9.0 EFFECTIVITY
This circular shall take effect immediately.
doesn’t look familiar. In fact, I’ll be very honest with you

[1] Letter from Napoles to Aquino, 17 April 2013
[2] National Budget Circular No. 537: Guidelines on the Release of Funds Chargeable Against the Priority Development Assistance Fund for FY 2012
[3] Noy Denies Jenny and President Aquino is now suspect

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