Mar 15, 2014

Earth Hour

units are directed to participate
months before the flood, he flew
the commemoration of
Bukidnon, de Oro, and the watershed's
Old Administration

Forest cover on a copter, one
hour when cities and towns all
Detailed multinationally. The greaseless
over the world switch off
binocs would later sign a No

lights for once
Danger Of Erosion over the leaves
join hands with individuals, businesses
his signatures fiercely a-coil
governments to show the power

Vs. log bans. Knowledge of minutiae
of collective commitment
Of bark and tree­-ring was his and was
electricity, we are uniting
Accounted for, offshore. Legal logging

the planet. Thus all offices and
No belt. No concessionaire in the business
units within the campus are
conceding. A chainsaw does not remain
off their non-essential lights

A chainsaw after the law has wetted lips
on said date and time to show
Enough to kiss it. Enough trees, but all too
sensitive laboratories, police outposts, University
Plastic, too Christmas to hold water

following units are directed to take
people eyeless under the mud. People
coordinating the participation
Over the mud also, looking at the rain
Communication; and 5. Office of

silence, queuing for canned goods, moldy shirts.
For more information on Earth
The professor's clothes were among those that flew
in touch with them through email
and alighted on their shoulders.

[1] The 2013 Earth Hour Campaign, and
[2] my 2011 poem "Professor of Forestry"

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