Okt 11, 2014

Katutubo Exchange Program

Culture and the Arts in Intramuros;
Rizal Park;
University of the Philippines Diliman;
the GSIS Museum;
and the home-
Bayview Park Hotel the 2nd
MalacaƱang Palace;
Indonesia. including the
Tanghalang Francisco Balagtas,
immersed in the exciting “ethnic life.”

various parts of the country took their first plane ride to
the Mamanwa of Surigao,
T’boli of South Cotabato,
Manobo or Bagobo of Davao,
Panay Bukidnon of Iloilo,
colors of their culture,
Ifugao of Ifugao,
Kalinga of Kalinga,
warmth of their homes 
Ibaloy of Benguet,
and Kankanaey or Yapayao of Ilocos Norte,

which determined their foster
dances, chants and

tearful closing ceremony at the St.
and to heighten public -heading
a final performance was given by the City
held in


"Experiencing Manila for the 1st time." The Sunday Times Magazine. 11 October 2014.

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