Hun 2, 2016

Labor Code Violations

Kumusta? Diyan ka full time?! Ang galing naman!

Nice to find you here as well. How I miss those small classes! Parang kailan lang yun. Pero teka, ang galing lang 3 years! Do you see yourself staying there 3 more years?

Hope you don’t mind if I keep this thread going. Used to work for an NGO as well, and this encounter just sparked all sorts of nostalgia. And now, couldn’t help it, I’ve got a good handful of questions. Also, I was glad to read some of what you’ve been writing for them.

My first full-fledged job was with them and we mainly did eye surgeries, hopped around the country. That was my first full-time job. And yes, it was also INGO-dependent. For starters, what drew you to that particular job? What other paths had you contemplated?

Yes, the rate. That’s one of the problems. But what about the other neglects, omissions?

And your colleagues? The people I worked with back then were golden.

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