Nob 3, 2016


Have been converting the baby’s emptied milk cans into pots, each seeded with two cloves. Twice now, Elisha and Noam have been asked to lend a hand. The cans have also been acting as a sort of fence, marking off a small rectangular plot from the girls’ play area. Worked some humus and sawdust into this bed, then seeded nine additional cloves. Sixteen sprouts so far, expecting three more, by weekend maybe.

The cans are re-purposed as they come, so it’s staggered planting, which means harvest can’t be a one-off. This set-up might encourage some useful exercise reading the leaves, that day-to-day tug between brown and green. Shuffle the cans perhaps, for a bit more challenge. Accordingly, curing will require sequence markers. Could be as simple as colored yarn: red, orange, yellow, so forth.

Damian emptied another can over the weekend. It now has soil, some organic matter, drainage holes, ants. After classes, whether or not it rains, the girls will have to put in a clove each. 

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