Hun 6, 2012

Six Six Twelve

SR.SOL— No you won’t.

ANATH— You have your calling. I’ve got my phone.

SR.SOL— You’ve no calling whatsoever. Only the abyss calls you, and that’s not much of a voice.

ANATH— Family visited over the weekend. Just Sunday, actually, but I was happy. Happy, happy, happy, happy.

SR.SOL— You have a choice. You always have a choice. You’re not the exile you’ve been pretending to be, and neither of us is the mystic.

ANATH— There are nights when this prayer is the only thing that stays with me.

SR.SOL— Your song goes, “the longing to be near you/ you do what you have to do.” Cheap, but it suffices.

ANATH— Your song goes to In Exelcis, and beyond!

SR.SOL— Petty.

ANATH— Not a drop of honey on you, Sr.

SR.SOL— The prayer is not all you have, my friend.

ANATH— Also with me, the warmth of your madness.

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