Ago 14, 2012

Half the "hi chomskies" thread

—pick any one there that's dished out in an interview format. mas masaya basahin. huwag mo nang kunin yung what we say goes tsaka hegemony or survival (yata) at failed states kasi buhay pa mga kopya ko nyan, pahiram ko na lang sa iyo (pag type mo siya, acquired taste kasi). tsaka piliin mo yung pinakamanipis para may instant sense of achievement pagkabasa mo :)

—advice ng teacher sa comparative lit, magbasa muna ng secondary lit (someone discussing kristeva in the plainest language possible) before moving on to the primary source. equivalent natin: i-wiki muna. pero dahil academe ka na, you can't stop there

—trade-off nga lang, medyo tali ka na sa reading ng guide mo,whether on or off the mark. but you can read other 'takes' once you've tasted the original formula

—don't know abt kristeva, but some of them 'perform' their theory through their language. much like poets. si irigaray ganun yata ang ginagawa. some of them are just great thinkers who like being difficult. perhaps that's why i prefer chomsky over the lot of them: grounded guy. i mean, f i wanted difficult, there's always ezra pound

—That's it! I'm repeating myself! Senility, old age!