Ene 5, 2013

Archive 2012

Below are seven stories and nineteen poems, a translation and a book review. While some of these have been written much earlier, all were granted online presence this past year. I don't think I can assemble something like this for 2013. One reason is that I plan to write more in Filipino. Also, I've got something happy (and most likely unpublishable) planned for my English, and tekstongbopis shall have to take the brunt of that.

But we all know the song. Plans are plans, and life is life.

Let this offering close my 2012. I'd be gratified if you'll keep one or two with you, something to take home to your newer year.

Mar 11, Inventories

Mar 11, What was Wrong with Ikka?

Mar 19, Mr. Echo

Apr 8, F Pts of Plottng

Apr 20, Very Last Day as Fiction Apprentice

May 6, The Beloved Idiom

May 13, Blot Testing

May 29, Woman, After Ka Fort

Jun 2, Theme of Orange and Phthalo Emerald

Jun 3, The Long Summer of Old Arturo Contemplating Celibacy

Jun 10, You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Tarpaulins

Jul 7, Duwende

Jul 22, A post-‘Grand Narrative’ approach to the poetics of Filipino nation-building

Jul 22, John Steps Over the Rainbow

Aug 19, Flood was never only water

Aug 19, In search of soft hills

Sep 9 / Oct 21, The Stair-spirit

Oct 29, Solo Passage

Nov 11, Paracale Underground

Nov 11, Bird of Makiling

Nov 11, God of the Hour-long Rain

Nov 23, Full Deck, White Babel

Nov 25, Might

Nov 25, Pita

Nov 25, Sample Exploratory

Nov 25, Victoria

Dec 26, Tugon sa Kaibigan (salin kay Mao)

Dec 30, Before they're allowed to graduate

Dec 30, External Markings

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