Nob 8, 2014

Names from Verses Typhoon Yolanda

A Storm Advisory (DD/MM/YYYY) | Tilde Acuña

Hopeful Father | Yasmin Aguila

About 10,000 Characters | Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo

Fill the Void | Crzthlv Escalona Bisa

Bangon kababayan | Michiko Karisa Buot

195MPH Rapture/Malacanang Stall-vation | Paul Carson

Sunshine | Emmanuel Codia

excerpts from “These Days” | T. De Los Reyes

Shh | Gail Gerolaga

The Basket | Almira Astudillo Gilles 

Saan tayo nagkulang? | Rogene A. Gonzales

A Little Hope | Micah Laguardia

Blame Game | Jolo Lim

Where is Lucy? | Mary Rose Manlangit

The Flooding That Writes Itself | Eileen R. Tabios

Look Ma, No Hands! | Deus Tiongson

Dance It | Julienne M. Urrea

After the Storm | Issa Vergara

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