Dis 10, 2014


I will not laugh at jokes during class. I will not laugh at jokes during class. Took the eldest almost an hour at the page because her grandmother (my side) insisted on flitting about with clothes and questions, distracting a lesson about not distracting lessons. As a fountain of mercy for us. Letter B, letter B, letter B, O letter B. Speaking with my father’s voice to preserve the moment, eliciting my mother’s bitter apology or maybe not, no way to be sure, for oblivion makes a long song towing sound, way ugly for so studious a thief of how many little snacks. Finding your shoulder more admirable the colder it gets, speaking on behalf of December. On the occasion of finding us here, not valid as a Scrabble word in “A Filipino eating a potato.” What more can be thought of palms rolling no bread? I trust in you.

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