Mar 12, 2015


Putting the blog on hold until I’m done with this.

As of now, about fifty people are going. The emcee has confirmed, poster’s up, national anthem’s ready. I have soft copies of the stories to be discussed if you’re interested, please send a message or e-mail.
Acuña, Arbeen R. “Entry Taken From The Encyclopaedia of Biomechanical Convertebrates.” In The Anthology of New Philippine Writing in English: Kritika Kultura Literary Supplement 1. 2011: 89-96.
Angeles, Kathleen Siena A. “Mga Tala ukol sa Sakit ni Mama ayon sa Kanyang mga Sintomas.” In Eskapasismo. Unpublished thesis. March 2012: 59-87.
Bautista, Kevin Moses E. “Flights.” The Sunday Times Magazine. 22 Jan 2012: B4.
Solacito, Riena Marie L. “Pader.” In Ang Pagtatapos. Unpublished thesis. March 2012: 33-45.
The paper will be revised following relevant feedback from the reactor and the open forum. Revision should be ready about a month after the forum. You may have that as well.

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